Reading my blog is like hanging out with a bear.

I created this blog in July 2010 while working in the Fine Art Library at the University of Texas at Austin. I had already graduated from school and was sort of in a transitional period, fortunate that I was able to keep my job from the school year over the summer but wasn’t quite sure where I was going next.

That’s a lie; I knew exactly where I was going next. I knew that my next stop was New York City, what I didn’t know was how exactly I was going to go about that. But that problem quickly solved itself, and one Skype interview later I was ready to begin an internship in Brooklyn, with a one-way plane ticket, two suitcases, a few pending Craigslist sublets, and only a single connection in New York City, that being the very woman who had given me the Skype interview in the first place.

In the time since then, I’ve lived in four different apartments across three different neighborhoods for various lengths of time, had an eight-month period of unemployment followed by a demanding day job as an art dealer’s personal assistant, created a web series, a portfolio and a few other films, had several dates, a couple of flings, a short mini-relationship, and a friendship with benefits that became a real relationship. I’ve had roommates ranging from the backstabbing frenemy to the ones who went on to become great friends. I’ve had some bizarre adventures and misadventures that can only happen in New York, often involving the city’s one-of-a-kind subway system and nights that extend into the following morning. And I’ve probably drank more coffee than what is considered safe for a human’s lifetime consumption. I look forward to sharing all the more adventures with all of you.

Reading my blog is also like getting the Power of Greyskull, if the Power of Greyskull was a Macbook Pro emanating the Adobe Creative Suite.

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